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25 sep 2023 om 16:31 Worth the wait and cost.
17 sep 2023 om 19:07 Very but service I get my food totally destroy and I can’t no eat and no excuses nothing I don’t recommend this place at all highly disrespectful when I pay 50 euro for that
6 sep 2023 om 0:10 Grilled vegetables too salt and beef tasted weird
5 sep 2023 om 19:16 Een beetje teveel zout.
2 sep 2023 om 10:18 Lekkere spareribs
1 sep 2023 om 22:03 het eten was prima, maar het wachten duurde helaas veel te lang.....
1 sep 2023 om 21:16 Took 1 hour longer than it stated in the app. Food was cold and soggy. Really disappointing
25 aug 2023 om 1:22 Good service foot very good
20 aug 2023 om 21:36 De spareribs waren lekker de mais en salade ook, er zat alleen geen sausje bij
18 aug 2023 om 0:36 Beste spareribs van Amsterdam! Alle anderen gerechten waren ook super!
15 aug 2023 om 6:39 I really did not particularly enjoy it. The meat was not very high quality, it was tasteless (little salt/butter/garlic seasoning) and the sauce that came with the fries (and that I paid extra for) was VERY LITTLE. I barely ate 1/3 of my fries w it:(
4 aug 2023 om 20:16 !!!!!